The 3 Lies You Have Been Told About Health Insurance

Learn what to do about them to have an immediate positive impact on your bottom line.

As a printer, rising healthcare costs cannot be ignored. They are not just eating into your profits but forcing your employees to make financial decisions about potential life and death issues.

Join healthcare expert, three-time author, and Amazon best-seller Robert Slayton for a 45-minute jaw-dropping live cast exposing the opaque world of employee benefits.

"In this live cast, I will explain the lies you have been told about Employee Health Insurance, including:

  • How insurance carrier maximize your costs while reducing the quality of care!

  • The three things they do not want you to know. i.e., Why employee medications are the fattest profit center for insurers and how to address it quickly.

  • The biggest one of all…. The dirty secret of how they protect and limit the quality of care.

"Register now and download my chapter on Pharmacy to learn how insurance carriers overcharge you and how you can save at least 50% on your pharmacy costs."


April 12th 2023, 2:00 pm CT

Zoom Webinar